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  • 01
    The New Drug Research Center
    Committed to the development of innovative drugs, including new Chinese medicines, new dosage forms, new drug delivery systems, etc...
  • 02
    API R&D Platform
    It can be engaged in the development of chemical drug generic drugs and the consistency evaluation of pharmacy research, and can conduct biological sample testing to help enterprises smoothly......
  • 03
    The Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources Research Center
    Since the establishment of the Chinese Medicine Resource Center, 17 domestic enterprises have been integrated to jointly carry out the research and use of medicinal materials for Chinese medicine formulation particles...
  • 04
    Traditional Chinese Medicine Dispensing Granules
    Committed to the development of innovative drugs, including new Chinese medicines, new dosage forms, new drug delivery systems, etc.
  • 05
    Aerosol Inhalation Preparation Research Center
    Nebulized inhalation preparation means that the drug is dissolved in a suitable medium and delivered to the lungs in the form of an aerosol by a nebulizer.....
  • 06
    Chinese Classical Formulas Research Center
    Classical prescriptions refer to traditional Chinese medicine compound preparations derived from ancient classic prescriptions, which are still widely used and have definite curative effects...
  • 07
    The New Chinese Medicine Research Center
    The TCM New Drug Research Center has a strong technical force. The research and development of new drugs has accumulated for nearly 20 years. It has a group of...
  • 08
    Novel Drug Delivery System Research Center
    The center of the new drug delivery system has built nanogels (including vesicle gel, microemulsion gel, fat emulsion), in-situ gel...
  • 09
    Pharmacology &Toxicology Research Center
    Mainly carry out pharmacological tests and safety pre-experimental studies of various new drugs, including efficacy tests, pharmacokinetic tests and acute toxicity...
  • 10
    Clinical Research Center
    Based on the Chinese market, we are committed to providing customers with professional comprehensive and full-process clinical research services......
  • 11
    Pilot Test Verification and Industrialization Technology Center
    Mainly carry out the pilot scale-up and production process verification of innovative varieties such as new Chinese medicines and new chemical medicines...

  • 12
    Drug International R&D Center
    International and domestic drug registration "double registration", Hong Kong and overseas proprietary Chinese medicine registration services, etc...
  • 13
    Safety Evaluation Center
  • 14
    Biosafety Technology Research Center
  • 15
    Nucleic acid drug development Center

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